Sedai Linux

Postmodern Computing & Retro Emulation

To setup and run Sedai you need to:

  1. Download, unzip ad flash the image on a microSD. We suggest to download and use Balena Etcher;
  2. Insert the microSD in your Raspberry board and turn the unit on;
  3. Select your keyboard layout when asked;
  4. Select your emulator and press F2 tu run it at boot time.

Minimum requirements:

  • A Raspberry Pi 400, 4 model B, Compute Module 4, 3 models B+ B and A, Compute Module 3+ and 3;
  • USB keyboard minimum, additional mouse and joystick or gamepad suggested;
  • microSD 8 GB minimum, 32 GB suggested.


  • Sedai Linux forces the Raspberry Pi to run at max clock. No overclock is applied, but to avoid damages on the long run use of heatsink is strongly suggested;
  • This distribution is a prototype, is incomplete and could be changed without notice;
  • Users of this ditribution do so at their own risk.

[Download Sedai Linux ver. 2020.11.1 now!]